pyrotechnics on ice

light painting on ice


play with light and prism

converging lines

B/W abstract

golden bokeh

light refractions on a chain linked fence at sunset


found newspaper lit by a setting sun

urban wave patterns

reflection of a high rise building in a shallow inner city pool with a couple of sea gulls in the background

Christmas Cheers

Season's Greetings to all my 500px Friends!

winter light

sunlight on snow covered trees

Golden bokeh

Alien Abstract

a composite of several macro shots mostly of reflections or objects in an uneven glass plate

red planet


Photo collage of a macro shot of a grand piano strings and soap bubbles to represent music notes + "sunset" sun.

Magic Flute


Iced fence

Black Ice

Light & Shadows

water lilies back lit by early evening sun

wet slinky



Cradled among the roots

entwined in colour


tree roots on rocks


gull flying through poplar pollen as it drifts up toward the sun

Micro Galaxy

any guesses as to what this is?


a photo collage of two images to convey a strong emotion of anxiety

water abstract

water falling down a dam at sunrise

silky smooth

smooth water flows down a dam at sunrise

rainy day in the city

office building reflected in water drops on a window pane

sunshine in a glass

sunset reflected in an empty martini glass shot infront of horizontal window blinds.

string of drops

reflection of sky and trees in a sticky string of drops of maple sap falling into a collection bucket


crystal droplet

Colourful shale

found on the northern edge of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.

Real jewels

water droplets caught by 3 goats beards seeds

it's only a paper sun

abstract made of a small sticky note pad

the light within

sticky note-pad abstract

note pad

a sticky-notes pad fanned out and lit up by a little LED light


a sticky note pad with 3 pages curled up from the front corner


a stack of curled Post-it notes

tunnel of light

Post-it notes rolled around each other with a light streaming through the centre.

Eye on the News

newspaper abstreact

Holy paper

light shone through a sheet of paper with holes punched out of it casts a pattern of lights and shadows

Paper sun(rise)

my first torn paper "landscape"

Paper Moon(scape)

landscape made from Post-It Notes stickies

Andy Warhol's coiffe?

a little light reading

a glowing book made of a macro shot of yellow post it notes

Paper Lungs

An abstract image of what to me resembles lungs made of 1/2 in Post-It-Note strips on a black background.


an exploding balloon filled with coloured water

Winter Beach

sand and ice patterns on a Montreal beach in winter

Winter Zebra

frozen sand ripples on a wintery beach in Montreal, Canada

9 snow flakes

A small consolation prize for being victims of a major snow storm in Montreal

Happy Bokeh Christmas!

a Christmas wreath made of little lights is reflected inside a crystal ball in a woman's hand

Ice jewels

a macro study of a few snow flurries

Frozen in Time

frost growing on a fresh bubble

Gold bubble

macro shot of a bubble freezing on snow

death of a bubble

We are a Family

a family group of frozen soap bubbles sparkling in cold winter sunlight

Blustery Bokeh Bullrushes

bullrushes in a burst of blizzard blown sparkling snow

time passes

life trickles away

Conceptual composite image illustrating time as it dwindles down

tree rings clock


World Peas

I wish you all World Peas (errr.. Peace) on St. Patrick's Day and thereafter.


a portable sundial photographed on a black table

A Little Light Magic!

light magic

maple sap drip

When spring temperatures rise above freezing, maple trees are tapped for their sweet sap, which is boiled off into delicious maple syrup.

maple sap drop

When spring temperatures rise above freezing, maple trees are tapped for their sweet sap, which is boiled off into delicious maple syrup.

Lines & Curves

dry grass abstract macro

Infrared Easter Eggs

Love-ly egg

back-lit egg casts a heart shape on a bird book

an egg

holding up a single egg